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Helping Youth Move Through Most Any Challenge Facing Them

Educators, parents, children and child advocates rave about our Breakout Sessions, Trainings, Assemblies and Workshops. Paul gives your young people effective tools that work! These concepts allow positive changes to take place and supports young people in making positive choices in the future.

Each topic can be modified in both content and length to fit your needs.

Youth Workshops - Select Topics

Compassionate Leadership
Connecting youth with their personal values and vision. Supporting them to stay on track!

Street Gang Prevention
Helping youth avoid the trap and pitfals of this fake "family." From an expert in the field.

Bullying Prevention
Helping the "Bully" to stop the behavior and helping the "Bullied" stand up and say NO! Click to see where Paul reduced behavior referalls by 50%!

"Wait, Did You Hear?" Gossiping Prevention
Helping the "Gossiper" to stop and helping the "Gossiped About" not take it so personally.

Positive Choices for a Healthier Life
Helping young people learn from mistakes and improve their sense of self.

Positive Choices
Supporting young people to be accountable and know the one with the greatest power to change is them!

Understanding Anger
Paul shares how anger is energy and illustrates how it can be both positive and negative - it's the choice we make with it that's important.

Conflict Resolution - A Map
Paul uncovers what drives conflict and illustrates easy and effective ways to deal with and resolve it in powerful and positive ways.

Violence Prevention
Paul illustrates the many causes of violence and discusses why people choose it. He provides easy SECRETS to breaking the momentum and how to be safe.

Positive Choices and Respect
During this insightful training Paul helps kids make better choices, the importance of respect and how to treat others better.

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