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Camp Break Through For Youth Ages 7 to 19

Workshop Particpants Said:

Paul changed my life. He made my life different!

I have become a better person!

"This is important work, with advantages to all of us. Our youth need the type of support and skill that Mr. Figueroa provides."

Joan Johnston — Educator
of 26 years

This comprehensive, powerful and transformational Day Camp gently guides young people through their own blocks to being successful, making positive choices, believing they are good and important, and helps them in deciding to not be violent.

Up to seven young people are taken through the Peace Enforcement Curriculum Concepts. This time will help them to understand themselves and others better and support them to make positive life choices. This camp opens doors and awakens dreams in their lives by helping them to discover that they can make positive life choices, that they don't have to replicate recent failures and that they can make different choices in their lives.

The Activities Will Help Your Young People Understand and Deal With:

Together they will:

Uncover their hidden fears, the ones that keep them from making positive choices;

Move through their fears forever and make positive life changes;

Connect themselves with positive, successful and life affirming beliefs that will support them their entire lives!
  • Their Anger
  • Making Positive Choices
  • Conflict
  • Violence
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Guilt
  • Being Unhappy
  • Being Picked On
  • Picking On Others

    ...and Much Much More!

Is There Something Not Working In Your Young Person's Life - Anger, Confusion, Poor Choices?

If So, This Camp Is For Them!

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