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Paul has over 17 years of experience working with Native Communities all over the country. He enjoys bringing his unique and welcoming presence, and training style, to all the workshops and trainings he does.

His trainings are very experiential and participants often talk about "The Difference" Paul makes.

Participants of his trainings have said how much they appreciate and value:

    · His humor
    · The interaction of his trainings
    · How accepting and non-judgmental he is
    · His "Openness"
    · That he's "real"
    · That he uses "real world examples"
    · How he "really listens," and
    · That he guides the content of his trainings to the people that are there

Participants frequently comment how they "feel comfortable to open up and learn" with him, more so than with other trainings.

We consistently hear how "down to earth" the trainings are and people appreciate the insightfulness of his content and that the trainings keep their attention and are "never boring."

Paul uses a holistic approach in all of his trainings and uses concepts and tools from the curriculum he created and authored.

His trainings:

    · Model positive attitude and positive thinking
    · Teach to all of the learning styles
    · Use experiential approaches and activities

And he uses storytelling to convey his unique messages.

Below are two programs Paul created with exclusive content custom tailored to the unique needs of Indian Gaming.

Indian Gaming Management Program

Indian Gaming Workplace Program

Each are not only custom designed for the unique needs of Indian Gaming, they're customized to your own unique needs as well!

These include: Working in close relationship with friends and family, sometimes unique internal organizational structures and political dynamics that often present themselves as challenges.

All of Paul's other training topics are available as well, and they are crafted to serve your unique needs and areas of focus unique to Indian Gaming.

Several "Specialized" Topics Include:


This training shares with your managers, supervisors, executive and senior management the importance of accountability. Paul shares a unique way of looking at this mechanism that helps overcome many of the challenges that are unique to Indian Gaming. Participants leave with an understanding of how helpful holding people accountalbe really is, why it's really important, the outcomes when we don't and the deep, personal opportunity that shows up when we do.

For staff, Paul shows ways to not personalize being held "accountable" and paves the way for participants to receive correction and guidance in an easier, more productive way. They discover it's only about a "behavior", not them personally, and they uncover the true, helpful message that this method brings.

Aligning your Personal Vison with your Companies Mission (Addressing morale, high turnover and other challenges.)

This training was created in response to a sense "malaise" that's often present and that can materialize among mangers, staff and teams. Participants discover their personal vision, or deep purpose, for their life and then are able to link and align it within your companies' mission. This helps them see how they "fit" within your company, creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment for what may seem like "routine" or "mundane" tasks. It improves morale, overall performance and creates a sense of belonging.

The Truth About Customer Service

Through a series of presentations and exercises, Paul helps your teams, staff, managers and administration discover the deeper reason to provide outstanding customer service. We all understand that great customer service creates lasting relationships, an environment where customers want to return and that not only does the customer feel better - the service provider does, too.

What people sometimes miss is that when your casino prospers, all the employees, managers and staff benefit - as does your community, their families and your future generations.

Paul provides this training in such a way that the people attending discover it for themselves, so they can anchor in what they really do in the world - not just having someone tell them. They discover in their own way the benefit and contribution they make - and see, know and understand their importance and how they really fit in.

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