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Bullying Prevention

Improving young people's Self Esteem and providing them with new, respectful skills.

The bullying we remember as kids is not the same version that exists today. Today, bullying or being the victim of bullying, can escalate quickly to incidents that we see in the daily news. After violent tragedies like Columbine, we can no longer deny that vicious harassment, bullying, and intimidation can be the be the beginning of rage, violence, and even death.

Paul teaches you concrete and proven tools and concepts to break the cycle of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

You'll learn the real reasons why young people pick on others, and discover ways to help them fill that need in a healthy way. You'll also be shown how to support young people to redirect their anger in a positive way and the importance of "Self Esteem" in all bullying situations.

You'll learn "Truth Tester," an internal communication tool that removes most all the charge in any conflict.

Participants said:

I learned how to turn the bullies negative behavior to positive!

I liked that it was safe to take part in the exercises!

I loved it! Thank You!!!

Results Include:

  • Easily identify the early stages of bullying and deal with them quickly
  • Respond at every stage of the bullying cycle
  • Create a safe space for the victim when bullying arises
  • Help the bully choose a positive strategy from a place of power
  • Help the bullied to stand up, be strong, and say no from a place of power
  • Help both the bully and the bullied find positive releases for anger and get help from adults.

For Parents and Adults Working with Kids:

Bullying Prevention

Gossip Prevention

Understanding Anger

Positive Choices

Conflict Resolution - A Map

Violence Prevention

Street Gang Prevention

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