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Paul is a charismatic and dynamic speaker that brings his positive message and unique and personal understanding of human nature to all his presentations. His style and concepts speak to the human part in all of us, and his talks work wonderfully with all audiences and venues.

Paul's quality, integrity, humor and passion helps to make your event a success.

Comments like "Paul is amazing. He engaged well over 350 people!" are common after his presentations.

Being a highly sought after and award winning speaker, trainer and facilitator, he speaks on many topics - all of which have one thing in common- HEART.

All of Paul's keynotes are customized to your unique needs!


Several of his most popular keynotes are:

Oops, I Forgot!
Reclaiming the power and passion of why you signed up. Remember the joy you had when you first started your career? The real reason you decided to do what you do? The feeling in your heart when you knew you were on the right track? Letís find it again, rekindle it and get things back on track.

Okay, Now What!? (A great closing keynote!)
Positive Leadership in a Climate of Change. Paul shares easy and effective tools to take all your skills, old and new, and lead in the real world. Youíll discover how to not let others influence your passion and drive. Youíll learn how to stay focused on what you want, remember who you are and create the positive changes you want!

Seven Steps to Phenomenal Management
Improve your organization by going beyond technical skills. Paul teaches you how to use the power of communication to Engage, Motivate and Inspire. These approaches are Revolutionary! "Seven Steps" is a must for any manager or CEO wanting to create and sustain a thriving company.

Motivating Young People
Using Paul's unique blend of humor and insight, he shares tools to discover negative belief youth sometimes think about themselves. The audience discover ways to help them shift from this space and learn tools they can use as well. They leave with tried and true ways of supporting young people to remember the truth of who they are, and change their lives forever.

Positive Choices for a Happier Life
During this powerful, inspirational and motivational keynote Paul invigorates the audience with hope. He provides them with a gift: That they are not their past, nor are they their current situation and they CAN make the changes they want in their life! Paul shares his personal story and insights in this life-changing experience.

Other Keynote Topics Include:

Mastering Change

Trust in Leadership

The Big Picture is Amazing

Workplace Bullying Prevention

Managing Job Stress, and

many other topics...

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He'll help you make it a big success!

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