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Helping you get the changes you want: In your life, with your kids and in the workplace.

Paul Figueroa, is an award winning international speaker, trainer, facilitator and author. He is an expert at helping adults and companies create the positive changes they want and he's provided his workshops, trainings and keynotes all over the United States.

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He walks up the steps to his home, opens the door and goes inside. He hears yelling, lot's of yelling.

Downstairs, he sees mom, standing with her hair disheveled and looks afraid. She's looking at her boyfriend. He has a gun.

The young boy runs next door to the police officer to get help.

Imagine the boy sitting on the stoop waiting for what would happen next.

It was from that point he knew, he wanted to make a difference in the world.

Years later, it's a warm day. A now Gang Unit Detective is working in one of the toughest areas the Department has to offer. He hears a call on the radio of shots being fired at a place of business. The Detective is only a minute or two away. When he gets there he finds employees frazzled, shattered, terrified. He speaks to them softly, reassures them… looks into their eyes. They calm down and know they will be okay.

He knew doing something different was the right choice…

An experienced, engaging and passionate public speaker, Paul Figueroa shares his own personal story as an inspiring example and offers wisdom and understanding on a diverse variety of topics. He draws on his childhood experiences, his 12 year career in Law Enforcement and close to 20 years of experience in helping people, children, orgnaizations, companies and management.

Paul's talks are great for conference keynotes, breakout sessions, in house trainings, retreats, school workshops, assemblies and more.

Each keynote, breakout session or training are customized to your unique needs.

Experience the Difference Paul Makes in His

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